The day Africa was born, the gods rejoiced

Mother Earth and Father Sky never felt so complete

At the blessing and gift of a daughter

They both shed tears of joy which made oceans, rivers and streams

And sighed in contentment which gave cool winds

Their daughter was beautiful.

Her face was the moon

Her eyes were the stars

Her smile was the sun

Her tears were the rain

Her skin was the milky brown sands of the Sahara

Her hair the rich thick lush green vegetation with a beautiful kink

Her body was adorned with wealth

Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Oil and all the precious stones and minerals

Her breasts were high, high mountains

With beautiful valleys between them

Her womb was blessed with fertility

She was the Motherland

She Is Africa the Motherland


She bore royalty who lived and loved happy and free

Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses

Nurtured by her wealth and basked in her warmth

They had great respect for her and her ways

And replicated this beauty in dance, art and tradition

To be handed down to the generations to come

She is Africa the Motherland


Stories of her royalty, wealth and beauty spread far and wide

And many came to bask in her beauty and experience her mystery

Bringing new thoughts and ways

Being a mother, she welcomed all with open arms

Lavishing them with gifts and a new meaning of life and tradition

In gratitude they raped her, stole her children and treasures

Forcing royalty into slavery,

Causing her children to fight and betray one another

She is Africa the Motherland


How she wept at her loss and bloodshed

At the inhumanity of brothers to fellow men

The excruciating pain of Child birth would have been a blessing

Compared to what she felt at such betrayal, pain and endless tears

But like a mother, she learnt to heal and forgive

As she never lost her strength nor spirit

As her children carried her wisdom with them

To be their strength

On new soils in the midst of their suffering

She is Africa the Motherland


Forever the great mother Africa will live

As today even though we are all different colours

Black, Brown, Caramel, Milk and White skinned

Black, Brown, Blonde and Red haired

Black, Brown, Blue, Green and Grey eyed

We remain royalty for as long as we dwell on her soil

And other soils our generations have learnt to call theirs

She is Africa the Motherland