"Africa" is a word that is more often associated with disease, famine, poverty, war and death. Why is this? It is because of narratives. What is written and filmed about Africa is powerful in shaping our perceptions. Bahati Books will work to visually convey the dynamic and diverse stories of Africa through video - capturing Africa's unique and untold stories.


The magic of the everyday in Nairobi

"The inspiration for the stories come from the city I live in, and most of them were inspired by people I meet everyday. I wanted to find a way to capture them in a story so that people who do not know the city can have a feel of what everyday life in Nairobi is like."

Stanley Gazemba started writing to escape the monotony of life at boarding school in Kenya. He is now an award-winning author, whose articles and stories have appeared in publications including the New York Times and the East African Magazine. Stanley’s latest e-book, Nairobi Echoes, paints a dynamic picture of what it means to live and learn in Nairobi.


Old memories, new perspectives

Sometimes all we need is a great book to remind us the value of moments that otherwise pass in the blink of an eye. In this series of honest and often anecdotal poems, Nostalgia an anthology by Nduta Waweru, features poetry which focuses on apparently inconsequent day-to-day events and the complex ways we process them in our minds. Nostalgia is a reminder of the value of introspection, a collection that can help us learn as much about the present as about the past. 



My Mind Is No Longer Here 

Four men from different corners of Nigerian society find their fates tied to one man: Yinka. Drawn by desperation to leave Nigeria, the men are drawn to Yinka - a self-styled consultant who acts as the front man for a powerful human trafficking syndicate. The men come from distinct corners of Nigeria’s society: Chidi and Donatus - two unemployed graduates; Haruna - a doctor who could not save his ailing mother; and Osahon - a fugitive seeking freedom from his past become entangled in Yinka’s world, as they seek a better life abroad. My Mind Is No Longer Here tells the story of Chidi, Donatus, Haruna and Osahon - revealing their desperation that leads them to flee Nigeria.



Introducing Africa's Madonna 

Self-styled as an African Madonna, Katlego K Kol-Kes is a poet and author of ...on about the same old things. A well known Trans* ARTivist, Katlego actively pushes the boundaries of comfortability, acceptability and knowing through her written and performed art. Her debut poetry collection is the first in a series exploring the experiences of queer identifying Africans.


African literature is trending - but what is it trending for?

Over the last few months we have witnessed several African literature events, shows and discussions. We spoke to several different African literature enthusiasts and we asked them whether they think African literature trending at the moment, and what this means to them. Watch what these various African literature enthusiasts had to say.


The Great Debate: E-Books or Hardcopy?

E-books are the last frontier for technology when it comes to reading. Nothing has caused a bigger division among book lovers than the e-book versus hardcopy debate: is digital reading here to stay? Is it a passing fad? Bahati Books chaired a roundtable at "Africa Writes 2016" debating this issue. Watch the highlights in this video.


What does being an "Igbo" man mean?

We spoke to Chimzulum Ezigbo - former Youth President of the Nigerian Igbo Society and founder of Afrobeat Lounge and Think Home Initiative, and this is what he had to say about what being Igbo means to him. He also shares his thoughts on Caleb Somtochukwu' Okereke's debut novel, "Safe Journey", which we will be publishing!


Watch and Learn!

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