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Purple Mangoes by Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze tells the diverse stories of ten Nigerian women and girls. It focuses on the joys, pains and mysteries of womanhood in Nigeria with a touch of humour, sarcasm and redemption. Available for purchase on Amazon and Okadabooks.

We all want to cherish moments in time that resonated with our lives, hoping to etch the memory into our minds and carry it with us for as long as we can. Nostalgia was written in an attempt to do just that. It captures the everyday and the slow pace of change that is usually missed in the blink of an eye.

A man and woman begin an intense romance and find their lives unexpectedly linked to the rise and fall of their disintegrating nation. Side Babies by Zainab Omaki centers on men and women navigating the complexities of love, while managing tumultuous political atmospheres.

Four men from different corners of Nigerian society find their fates tied to one man: Yinka. Desperate to leave Nigeria, they are drawn to a consultant who works for a powerful human trafficking syndicate. My Mind Is No Longer Here is the story of men willing to risk it all to chase their dreams.


...on about the same old things touches on faith, politics, family and love - and how they have shaped Katlego K Kol-Kes as a writer and transgender-identifying person in Southern Africa. The poems reveal someone who had never had the space, time, or language to share her innermost thoughts which would make her different. 

Soul Stories is a collection of poetry and short stories which explore, analyse and highlight the journey - lived and learned experiences - of a young Black woman.  It covers a myriad of experiences that range from the significance of Black love, spirituality, activism, and progression in the African diaspora.

From a young girl in rural Nigeria who finds herself unprepared for a sudden change in her life, to a kidnapping that brings to light devastating revelations, The Farewell is captivating compilation that delves deeply into the everyday experiences and emotions of its characters and  it will keep you reading right through to the very last page.

A purse gone missing at a high society wedding in Abuja; polite insults exchanged in traffic on a sweltering day in Lagos; a slap delivered at Iya Ibeji’s pepper soup joint in Bauchi; and the indignity of being likened to a call girl in Akwa Ibom. These are only a few of the scenarios that pave the way for attraction and romance. But is that all?


In Safe Journey, Caleb Okereke tackles the problem of inadequacy in twelve memoirs. He highlights the struggle that is growing up in Lagos, Nigeria and the never-ending challenge to meet society’s standards.

Regardless of our race, ethnic origin, religion, social status or net worth, we all experience similar things at some point during the course of our lives. Grey Mornings, Black Noons And White Nights explores this.

The Words of my Mother unearths a world which remains buried in our modern-day era, dominated by television and social media. It digs deeper beyond this - it reveals a world of nature and child-like wonder. 

This poetry collection features stories of a pilgrim as they journey around Africa. They are gathered from conversation with a lover, a single mother and a street child. Stories From The Sun embodies these conversations.


This debut anthology, Black History, is a collection of all the leading storytellers from Bahati Books – who explore, through short stories, poetry and essays, Black and African identity in the context of Black History Month.


In this short story collection, readers follow the lives of an array of characters – from three distinct corners of Zimbabwean society. From the corrupt minister, to the struggling single mother and the hopeful entrepreneur, Fool's Gold promises to be a captivating read. 


Victims of Greed is a tale of political immigrants. It is a tale of loss and survival which tracks the journey of Jabu – a township dweller in Zimbabwe who embarks on a perilous journey from Zimbabwe to South Africa.


A Wall is a Wall is a suspense-filled novel that takes on street crime and religious extremism against the backdrop of an iniquitous Nigerian polity. "I found the novel remarkably good at dishing out small bouts of humour at regular intervals, giving readers the chance to burst into laughter along with the characters"


Your Heart Will Skip A Beat And Other Stories is a collection which showcases the best in new writing in Africa. This work is inspired by the everyday challenges of living in a busy, bustling urban metropolis.


A Season for Mending is a short story collection that  explores the endurance of the human spirit and the light and dark sides of human behaviour. . From the streets of Nairobi, to the chilling waters of river Chania, this book will take you on a journey that will drift you through life.


Mother Never Sleeps is a lively short story collection with tales of broken marriages and blossoming romance, car chases and minibus rides, Catholic confessions and corrupt ministers.