I am a rainbow that feeds on crimson skies,

I reflect on days forgotten,

Days of unnamed storms

I breathe and feed on shadows of days planted

before moon eclipses embraced our cries

But home is no more,

These walls reminds me of hate,

Take me back to the land of Sodom and Gomorrah

I am a rainbow of multiple fading colours

I am nothing without the rain or paint brushes

I am an empty dessert wishing for grass to cover my barren land,

My brittle bones and rusted mind

Can these muscles bear pain anymore?

Will my first love ever fill me up again?

Cannot truth be hidden under door mats so we could keep smiling

at welcome home signs printed over colourful carpets?

I want to belong somewhere,

Undisrupted spaces far off where I can silently listen to myself,

Unconditionally and freely

A place where I can picture mothers praying

Beckoning and holding their daughters hands into heaven

A village where mothers feed their daughters with power and truth

I want to belong to a place called home.