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We Recommend

Purple Mangoes by Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze tells diverse stories of ten Nigerian women and girls. This collection explores the joys, pains and mysteries of womanhood in Nigeria with a touch of humour, sarcasm and redemption.

Four men from different corners of Nigerian society find their fates tied to one man: Yinka. Desperate to leave Nigeria, they are drawn to a consultant who works for a powerful human trafficking syndicate. My Mind Is No Longer Here is the story of men willing to risk it all to chase their dreams.

Explore the human spirit and the light and dark sides of human behaviour in this short story collection. An old man in a matatu has escaped a house for the elderly, a customer turned into a conman, a baby at the door step of Patel’s flour mills company, the father who kidnaps his own children and more.

Discover the next generation of African writers. 21st-century urban and rural life reflected with wit and wisdom. Mother Never Sleeps is a lively short story collection with tales of broken marriages and blossoming romance, car chases and minibus rides, Catholic confessions and corrupt ministers.


Love from our readers

"The story was excellent. One of the highlights of my reading year." 

- Victoria Richards


The stories were vivid depictions of life in various parts of the African continent... As you read each story, you are transported into a different life.

- Devaki Khanna

"One of the best reads of my year so far!"

- Zara Scott


"The range of stories is great, and some of them really left an imprint..."

- Amazon Customer Review


I like Sylva Nze Ifedigbo's book because the author's writing is simple and striking, without being pretentious. 

- Zaynab Quadri

This project is an especially important one in Africa because we tend to get the same narrative time and time again and those who venture out are rarely heard." 

- Waridi Book Blog


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